Celebrate Your Vintage Life!

What if you didn't have to feel alone when you got dressed in your best 1950's outfit?

What if you had your favourite vintage friends from all over the world hanging out with you?

What if you could celebrate your crazy-fun, vintage obessed life every day with others who are just like you??

You see, I've been wearing vintage for half a decade or so, and while I certainly enjoy the wonderful warmth and welcoming spirit of the online vintage community, I also know that sometimes I feel like I'm the only one around that thinks dressing like I stepped out of a black and white film is the best thing ever!

That's when the idea for the Vintage Gal Project was born.

It started with a gift. I've been drawing and creating ever since I can remember. One day, a special vintage friend of mine was leaving to go overseas, so I decided to illustrate her portrait. I picked some photos of the outfit that seemed to encompass her style of vintage, with the elements that stood out to me as "her" signature look.

Then I was thinking, wouldn't it be fun to illustrate more of my vintage friends and their classic, signature styles? And wouldn't it be even more fun if I could print those illustrations out on, say, a tote bag? If I could do that, I could celebrate my vintage friendships in my day to day activities, not just on my computer!

That's when I realized that this project was for all of the vintage girls out there! The Vintage Gal merchandise is for anyone who wants to allow the love of vintage and the cheer of our friendship to be a part of our daily life, and not just online. I'll be illustrating our favourite vintage bloggers, and building a fabulous line of products that feature our friends so we can all enjoy our vintage community.

But do you know what? Creating this celebration of our vintage lifestyle is not just a project for me - you can be a part of it too!

Joining The Vintage Gal Project is really simple - give us your email address, and we will bring you into The Vintage Gal Circle!

  • You will recieve behind the scenes information in our newsletter - like who is being illustrated RIGHT now, and sneak peeks at the photographs that inspire the art.
  • You will be able to nominate your favourite vintage bloggers and vote to have them illustrated!
  • There will be discount codes exclusive to the Vintage Gal Circle & more for those that are interested in having the Vintage Gals in their homes.

*We promise there will be no spam - not even cans of it, like those so beloved in the 1950s!

Join our Vintage Gal Circle, and recieve your first newsletter now!

Teacup Girl Art Portfolio

Teacup Girl Art protrays the whimsical, the cute, the everyday-yet-extordinary joy of life.

I have collected my work from over the years into an online portfolio that showcases a passion for drawing everyday life through the eyes of innocent wonder.

Inspired by my appreciation for the fine arts, this East meets West style fushion incorporates clean, Japanese-influenced line art with simplified styles of comic drawing, creating a portfolio that is a unique glimpse into imagination and my sketch book.

Choco-love Her

Racoon Girl

Lily of the Valley

Bluebird of Happiness

Pony Girl

Cake Her

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